RM3A Vs Intellewave – Effective ANS Testing Platform

Comparing ANS Testing

Intellewave Diagnostic Testing Platform

The Intellewave is similar to the RM3A in that it performs a twenty minute test for ANS testing, in conjunction with a tilt table, ABI or Ankle Brachial Index, and uses a syncope testing code. The core difference between the RM3A and the Intellewave is the use of ECG-based monitoring for R-R intervals while monitoring and measuring Heart Rate Variability or HRV. The reimbursements for the Intellewave also seem to be slightly higher than the average reimbursements of the RM3A system.  This could be because the Intellewave utilizes the tilt table and syncope test variant. Therefore the Intellewave not only fortifies compliance for a clinic against a future audit, but also generates higher insurance reimbursement while doing so. The disadvantage however, is that the Intellewave alone does not do many of the other tests the RM3A does, those being the sudomotor, cardio-metabolic, endothelial, and insulin-resistance testing. However, the Intellewave is often augmented to meet these testing needs.

Complete Intellewave System

Aftermarket additions for the Intellewave are available and easily added to cover these types of tests. The complete Intellewave package, referred to as “MetriLogix Powered by Intellewave” features a multifaceted mobile cart that combines all of these testing variants into one. This ultimately allows physicians to acquire the most advanced ANS testing system, while not needing to compromise on versatility of the other tests the RM3A was well known for in the past. In essence, physicians now have the opportunity to have their cake and eat it too.

Trend Lines For ANS Testing?

The future of ANS testing is still unknown.  It is important to note that CMS Medicare still ultimately views ANS testing as experimental, although they have reimbursed for many years. Regenerative medicine is also considered experimental by Medicare, yet PRP and Stem Cell therapies have found their way to interventional pain and internal medicine MD/DC and multidisciplinary offices nationwide and across the globe, and there are no signs of letting up anytime soon. Something being seen as experimental by Medicare has not typically been a barrier for progressive physicians looking at the frontier and future of medicine.


Doctors are always on the lookout for the latest and most cutting-edge technologies to distinguish themselves from their peers, but more importantly to provide the best clinical care to their patients. The decision-making process on which platform to invest is an important one. That said, many factors need to be considered, namely following to a letter the guidelines of CMS Medicare, but also different types of tests the equipment provide, price, average reimbursement, warranties, training, and even marketing support to get more of these patients into the clinic who can benefit from the care. Once all of these have been considered, any physician will find himself in a superior position to make the best informed decision possible.

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