Sexual Wellness And Regenerative Medicine

Tesla Max Remedies Erectile Dysfunction

The widespread euphoria over the field of regenerative medicine continues to take precedence at the proverbial water cooler within the medical community. When considering the topic of sexual wellness it is not hard to imagine the buzz from men and women alike in seeking various solutions with these relatively new procedures now becoming more common and available in clinics nationwide. According to NSI Stem Cell, a fast-growing and popular condition currently being addressed by this new research is addressing ED or erectile dysfunction. (NSI Stem Cell)

What is ED and is there now a cure?

The DaSilva Institute explains that while many used to believe ED was merely a psychological condition, evidence shows that it is a multi-conditioned issue, either due to systemic diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and aging, or physical issues such as loss of blood flow, lack of nitric oxide, or nerve injury. Temporary fixes like Cialis and Viagra have been used for decades as a work -around, but could there be an actual cure for ED, one that fixes and inherently addresses the problems internally within the body? The answer? Possibly. (DaSilva Institute)

How Stem Cells Help ED:

PRP & Stem Cells inherently regenerate tissue, bone, blood vessels, and nerves,. This is based on stimuli and growth factors that are sent out to the localized area to enhance its functionality, increase blood flow, and repair any and all damaged sectors within the body. Those include blood vessels and parts of the endothelium that may carry blood to the penis during arousal. These procedures breathe new hope for thousands of men nationwide who must live with the frustrating effects of ED. However, these procedures need to be carefully placed during the procedure, to have the clinical efficacy to show long lasting improvement. (Dasilva Institute)

Equipment that Assists with These Procedures

The accuracy of the injection is crucial to the effectiveness of the procedure. Needle -guided injections utilizing equipment are the trusted way most physicians provide the pin point precise placement of the needles to be able to deliver the platelets, autologous, or allograft- based solutions to their patients. The equipment most commonly used for these procedures are either a digital ultrasound, a mini c-arm due to its portability and flexibility in the physician’s office, or a full-fledged C-ARM that contains the most high contrast imaging to ensure maximum accuracy of the injection site. It is highly recommended that physicians considering providing these procedures to patients also consider acquiring at least one of these equipment modes to provide the best level of service.

Sexuality will always be a predominant theme in human culture. Being able to optimize sexual experiences and the way we interact with our significant others will continue to be prevalent in the minds of patients seeking ever -creative and inventive methods made available to them.

One of these newer methodologies has already begun to take its course,. The proprietary alternating current technology of the Tesla Max has already made an impact in hundreds of patients willing to try this groundbreaking new procedure that involves deeper muscle contractions around the pelvic and hip areas, create added perfusion, oxygenation, and blood flow to nearby extremities. Such treatments can drastically improve sexual function in the case of ED. This can be combined with stem cell therapy as a proverbial 1-2 punch for a synergistic benefit to the patient with this disorder.
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