VNG Videonystagmography Machine

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Videonystagmography (VNG) is used for testing central motor function and the inner ear of patients. The VNG system uses high-tech infrared technology to help accurately diagnose dizziness, motion sickness, and other central motor/inner ear functionality problems through eye movements. The VNG Machine is now the most commonly used method to record eye movement – because of its accuracy and diagnosis ability. Tests performed with a VNG machine test to see if a patient’s balance disorders are because of their central nervous system or if they are related to a patient’s inner ear. This Videonystagmography device is designed to test things such as:

  • BPPV
  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Sensory disorders
  • Ocular motor testing
  • Balance dysfunction
  • Instability of gait
Duration : 30 Minutes Performed By MA.
Target Specialties : Neurologist, Pain Medicine, MD/DC, PCP, Endocrinologist, ENT
Reimbursement : $300-500 [Varies State To State]
CPT : 92540,92542,92544,92545,92541,92543,92548

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Videonystagmography Downloads

 5 Balance Questonnaire page 1 grading page 2.pdf
 Sample VNG Report – Interpreted.pdf
 Sample VNG Report.pdf
 VNG promo flier.pdf

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