Prism Light Pad

The Most Adaptable, Portable and Affordable Whole-Body Red Light Pad

Prism Light Pad is changing the industry, with the first ever completely portable and effective whole-body red light therapy pad that you can lay on. Like the Prism Light Pod, Prism Light Pad sessions are completely safe, totally automated and easy to operate. Using both red and near-infrared LEDs, Prism Light Pad delivers full-body mitochondrial healing with accelerated recovery up to 5 times faster than your body’s natural process. Supports 110 V electrical power in North America and 220V international (adapter not included).

The Most Adaptable, Portable & Affordable Full-Body Red Light Pad

Prism Light Pad is the industry’s most adaptable, portable and affordable whole-body red light pad with more than 2,200 660nm red and 850nm near-infrared LEDs.

30-minute automated sessions deliver 50 milliwatts per centimeter square of full-body mitochondrial wellness. It’s the ONLY LIGHT PAD THAT YOU CAN LAY ON and delivers 360 degrees of whole-body red light therapy when you purchase two pads. It includes Prism’s unique “one-button” automated user operation.

It’s the largest red light therapy pad in the industry measuring 72×36 inches in size and the most portable light therapy mat that rolls-up for easy storage and is ready to take on-the-road when you’re traveling. The Prism Light Pad delivers 360 degrees of whole-body red light therapy when two pads are purchased together.

Rejuvenate, accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, increase collagen production and anti-aging with the Prism Light Pad which is ideal for aestheticians, massage therapists, physical therapists, salons, day spas and home-users

Product Features


● Largest whole body red light pad in the industry at 72”L x 36”W ● Only red light pad that you can lay on/or cover with while laying on massage table or in bed and delivers 360 degrees of whole-body red light therapy when you purchase two pads ● Includes a durable clear plastic cover that’s easy to disinfect with a spray or wipes ● Includes a 1-year limited warranty


● Includes more than 2,200 660nm red and 850nm near-infrared industrial LEDs
● Delivers 50 mw/cm2 of irradiance for deep mitochondrial wellness with LEDs closest to the skin
● Supports standard 110V domestic and 220V international (international electrical adapter not included)


● Rolls-up for minimum storage and easy transportation
● Includes a sturdy carrying case for maximum portability & weighs approximately 6 lbs
● Carry it onto an airplane and store it in the overhead compartment


● Includes optimized and automated 30-minute sessions
● Has Prism’s unique “One-Button” operation and takes less than 5 minutes to set-up the pad

Prism Light Pad Full-Body Red Light Therapy

Prism Light Pad 30-minute automated sessions deliver full-body mitochondrial wellness with accelerated recovery up to 5 times faster than your body’s natural process.

Rejuvenate, accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, and promote anti-aging and
weight loss with the Prism Light Pad.

30-minute red light therapy sessions will:
● Reduce sore muscles, aches and pains
● Relieve inflammation
● Rejuvenate the body
● Stimulate collagen production
● Enhance relaxation

Prism Light Pad users can expect reduced pain inflammation and improvements in recovery, aesthetics and whole-body wellness.

Full-Body Recovery:

Improve whole-body wellness and rejuvenate the body with regular Prism Light Pad sessions. After a 30-minute Light Pad session, notice a decrease in muscle soreness and reduced aches and pain. Sore muscle tissues, joints and ligaments are repaired up to 5 times faster. Prism Light Pad stimulates the mitochondria of each muscular cell using full-body red light therapy. It will significantly reduce inflammation and restore the body's normal function with improved mitochondrial wellness

Chronic Pain & Inflammation:

Prism Light Pad full-body red light therapy uses light waves to penetrate into the body’s cells, reducing inflammation and pain while speeding up your body’s natural healing process up to 5 times. 30 minute light pad sessions can provide relief from chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, migraines, PTSD, and other conditions. It activates cellular healing to reduce inflammation and neuropathy throughout the entire body.

Anti-Aging & Skin Conditioning:

As we mature it is common to develop skin conditions such as eczema, acne, stretch marks, age spots, wrinkles and scar tissue. Whole-body red light therapy may reduce the visibility of scarring and improve skin condition by producing collagen and toning the skin. Use the Prism Light Pad consistently to: ● Reduce wrinkles & stretch marks ● Increase collagen production ● Even skin tone ● Kill acne-causing bacteria ● Improve skin conditions Prism Light Pad sessions will boost healthier, younger-looking skin by reinforcing firmness & elasticity, smoothing wrinkles & cellulite, and reducing the visibility of scarring from head to toe.

Weight Loss:

Red and near-infrared light penetrate and collapse fat cells in the body, promoting weight loss and reducing cellulite. Red light therapy is the only way to effectively shrink fat cells without resorting to invasive procedures like liposuction.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has shown a study ( applying red light therapy for 30 minutes twice a week for 4 weeks on 40 healthy young men and women. The subjects were asked not to change their diet or exercise habits. Results demonstrated that red light therapy achieved a safe and significant loss of fat and girth at the end of the treatment period.

30-minute Prism Light Pad sessions, 3 times a week improve your blood flow, increase your body’s metabolism and shrink fat cells. Your body burns more calories during the day leading to more fat loss and even smoothing out cellulite.

Full-Body Rejuvenation:

Relax and rejuvenate your entire body with a red light therapy session. Prism Light Pad sessions contribute to:

● Relaxing the mind & body
● Reducing oxidative stress & tension
● Relieving muscle tension & pain
● Stimulating the lymphatic system/boosting the immune system
● Rejuvenating your body and mind
● Shrinking fat cells for enhanced weight loss
● Repairing skin conditions and disorders

Get off the grid with 30-minute Prism Light Pad sessions to rejuvenate your body and mind. It delivers wellness from the inside out and delivers calmness, clarity, and a sense of peaceful energy throughout your body.

Other Details:

Prism Light Pad is the industry’s most adaptable and portable full-body red light therapy solution. Purchase two pads for 360 degrees of red light therapy.

Each pad is 6ft long by 3ft wide with 2,200 660nm red & 850nm near-infrared LEDs. 30-minute automated sessions deliver 50 milliwatts per centimeter square of full-body mitochondrial wellness. Best of all, the Prism Light Pad sessions are 100% unattended, so you can create a new revenue stream with no additional resources.

The pad rolls up and is easily stored within a convenient carrying case. Frequent travelers may put it in the overhead compartment of airplanes and take the Prism Light Pad along for red light therapy when traveling.
Prism Light Pod’s advanced design, optimized setting and one-button operations found in our award winning light pods are incorporated into the Prism Light Pads which are designed and assembled in Denver, CO.

Day Spas, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and Aestheticians may compliment their existing services with whole-body red light therapy and recovery. Generate more than $100,000 of annual profits with every Prism Light Pad. For Resort Spas and Prism Light Pod owners, the Prism Light Pad is the perfect retail companion product for your patients and clients who travel.

Take Home Program:

Physicians may partake in a distributorship partnership with the manufacturer to provide the Prism Light Pad to their patients.

For doctors interested in offering Prism Light Pads as a retail option, please contact Physicians Options to be given a unique discount code. Doctors will also receive a commission for every pad sold through their office to a patient.